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08 February

First Round – 2.15 PM(IST)


Second Round – 2.45 PM(IST)


08 February

First Round – 3.50 PM(IST)


Second Round – 4.25 PM(IST)


08 February

First Round – 3.45 PM(IST)


Second Round – 4.45 PM(IST)


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How to play Teer Game? (Khanapara, Juwai, Shillong teer)

Teer game is an archery-based draw which is based on pure instinct, precise calculations, dream number interpretation, and luck. Teer result number is the produced edged result of an archery event. Teer number consist of the house and ending result number obtained from teer target which decides the winner and money revenue.

The teer target game event goes for two round in a day for all club or region organizing it.

If you wanted to be part of it, that’s fair and easy. A person needs to visit the local teer result community(might not be legal throughout all the states of India). You’ll have to buy the number slots in a separate house or ending number or the whole number if that’s what you would bet. A confusion cloud may occur to some beginner, don’t worry your nearest bookie will clear all the doubts. The winning revenue is above all the effort, and it’s INR 80 for betting with INR 1, one can win total lump some if numbers match the result. 

What happens at Teer Game Event? (Behind the scenes)

Teer target game is played in various clubs in Shillong, and you will find approximately eight clubs in complete that makes this match occur. And many more in Khanapara Teer center and Juwai Teer. The game happens on an open golf or polo ground. Approximately 50 archers are aligning themselves (they’re paid around Rs.300 per day), and they shoot arrows ranging from 300 to 1000 at a wooden goal post, and all the Archers are known for what they are doing and are chosen special ones. The moment the archers end shooting and the arrows pierced into the goal, officials of this Teer counter event judges and calculate the arrows carefully which have struck on the Teer goal. So, if 567 arrows have hit on the target on complete, then 67 is going to be your winning Teer Result number.

What TeerOnline provides to you?

You get recent, and latest teer result every single day and blogs to keep you updated and entertained here. We update today’s official Khanapara Teer Result, Juwai Teer Result, and Shillong Teer Result as well. Timings are given below(Indian IST zone):

  • Juwai Teer Target(F/R-1:35 PM, S/R-2:15 PM)
  • Khanapara Teer Target(F/R-3:50 PM, S/R-4:30 PM)
  • Shillong Teer Target(F/R-3:30 PM, S/R-4:30 PM)

We have embedded a video below. Feel free to check it and we wish you luck teer players!


Meghalaya, a gorgeous and cold atmospheric state of North-East India known for its sceneric views comprises of an earning game at capital Shillong. This game is known locally as "Thoh Tim" and as "Teer" all around the primary states of India. Due to its massive profit and adrenaline of winning the teer game became a household name in many villages. Meghalaya once ruled under British Government, had this game played locally but got this popular during the 1950s and took the betting form. Teer archery game became so widely known amongst North Eastern states of India that state government legalized this sport in the 1980s.